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Portrait Tim - crédit Virgile Texier.jpg
Tim Leclabart

Tim Leclabart is a self-taught designer based in Paris, France. His work revolves around the research of simple shapes and materials in order to create bold objects. His work experience in leading historical and contemporary design galleries and his academic researches in design and architecture find echo in stylistic details  of his objects. There is also a profound desire to puzzle the viewer with scale and contrast, and the distancing effect resulting from it.
In 2022, his armchair Canné goes to Mobilier National.

In 2023, he is awarded by Maison & Objet Rising Talents Awards.
+33 6 30 58 30 19

2024 - Collectible with Atelier Jespers, Bruxelles.
2023 - Itinérance Design at Electric Paris.
2023 - Maison & Objet.
2023 - Art Paris with Ketabi Bourdet.
2023 - PAD Paris with Mouvements Modernes.
2022 - Modern Art Fair with Atelier Jespers.
2022 - Design Miami Basel with Mouvements Modernes.
2022 - PAD Paris with Mouvements Modernes.
2021 - Bienvenue Design, Hotel La Louisiane, Paris.
2019 - PAD London, exhibition with Mouvements Modernes.

2023 - L'hotel particulier de Monsieur H, Mouvements Modernes, Paris.
2023 - New Space, solo show, Mouvements Modernes, Paris.
2023 - Quercus Suber, group show, Villa Noailles, Hyères.
2022 - Dans les plis du temps, group show, the Spaceless Gallery, Paris.
2022 - 20 years, group show, Mouvements Modernes, Paris.
2022 - Glace à l'Italienne, group show, Ketabi Bourdet, Paris.
2021 - L’appartement de Madame L. , group show, Mouvements Modernes, Paris.
2021 - Lake Como Design Festival, Como.
2021 - Opening Show, La Bocca della Verita, Brussels.
2020 - L’épaisseur du temps, group show, Graf Notaires, Paris.
2019 - Utopia, exhibition of Vincent Fournier, Atelier Jespers, Brussels.

2014 - MA Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University, London.
2013 - L3 Histoire de l’Art, Histoire du Cinéma, La Sorbonne, Paris.
2012 - BA Marché de l’Art, ICART, Paris
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